Adult attachment working models and relationship quality in dating couples

Overall, the results illustrate the power of a process approach to explaining the developmental sequelae of maltreatment.

We argue that work is functionally similar to what Bowlby calls "exploration," that adult attachment supports work activity just as infant attachment supports exploration, and that the balance between attachment and exploration associated with healthy functioning early in life is, in important respects, similar to the love/work balance that marks healthy functioning in adulthood.Of particular interest here is the fact that attachment theory is not limited to love.It explains where and how love fits into the broader context of human functioning.She obtained a Ph D at the same university in 1991, having previously worked in teaching and counseling positions with a variety of client groups.

Her research interests include marital and family relationships (especially attachment relationships), interpersonal communication, and the link between personal relationships and health.

Secure infants match Bowlby's conception of nature's prototype in terms of both secure attachment to a caregiver and ability to use the caregiver as a secure base for exploration.

Adult attachment working models and relationship quality in dating couples comments

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