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In the featurette, leading men Dennis Quaid and Ben Foster break down some plot details.Producer Jeremy Bolt and several other cast members, including Cam Gigandet, Antje Traue, Cung Le and Eddie Rouse, also share on what the movie has to offer in addition to addressing what "Pandorum" actually is. Everyone gathered for The People Speak event hosted by Alternative. JJ: You were in’s “We Are The Ones” video. ————- During the interview, Zoe‘s pal, actor Jon Foster, popped in and teased, “Don’t listen to also screened at Sundance.) Other pictures include Zoe dancing with hip-hop star Wyclef Jean and posing with actor pal Ben Foster (Jon Foster‘s older brother) at Greenhouse on Thursday (January 22).So the younger one, Bower (Foster), climbs through the dark air ducts to try and find a way to open the door.

Ben Foster (" to Yuma") and Dennis Quaid play two members of the crew of the Elysium, a vast colonizer ship sent from a fatally overcrowded Earth to an Earth-like planet more than 100 years flight-time away. Their memories are barely functional after a long sleep. The ship is making creaking noises that aren't confidence-inspiring.

There's no way out of the compartment they're in, and no one responds to their radio calls.

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    DENNIS Quaid and Ben Foster join Cam Gigandet, Cung Le and newcomer Antje Traue, in director Christian Alvart's terrifying story of two crew members stranded on a spacecraft who quickly – and horrifically – realise they are not alone.…