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Many Muslims were expelled from Baku or went underground. Talyshinski, the commander of the Azerbaijani division, and some of its officers—all of whom arrived in Baku on March 9—increased anti-Soviet feelings among the city's Azeri population.On 30 March the Soviets, based on the unfounded report that the Muslim crew of the ship Evelina was armed and ready to revolt against the Soviets, disarmed the crew which tried to resist.At the same time the Baku Commune was involved in heavy fighting with the advancing Caucasian Ottoman Army in and around Ganja.The Ottoman Empire's Enver Pasha began to move forward with the newly established Army of Islam. Dunsterville ordered the evacuation of the city on September 14, after six weeks of occupation, and withdrew to Iran; most of the Armenian population escaped with British forces.Azerbaycan ülkesinden bay ve bayan azeri arkadaşlıkları sayfamıza girerek bulabilirsiniz.

In early April 1920 the Republic of Azerbaijan was in a very troubled condition.Soon the conflict spilled over to other parts of the Caucasus, and on August 5, 1905, the first conflict between the Armenian and Azeri population of Shusha took place.In March 1918 ethnic and religious tensions grew and the Armenian-Azeri conflict in Baku began.Musavat and Committee of Union and Progress parties were accused of Pan-Turkism by Bolsheviks and their allies.