Communicator contacts not updating

You look at the device and see a phone just a big one.But you need only to turn it horizontally, open and you'll get a small handheld. The fact that the centre of gravity is a bit disposed is a real shortcoming thus if the opening angle is more than 45 degrees the upper part will outweigh the lower one.The fact leads to the necessity to hold the device with fingers when entering data and you wont' manage to type like on a computer keyboard.But let's speakl about each part in order and we'll start with a phone one.

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That's hard to say who will be the first but obviously Motorola will offer the solution in autumn 2006.The device weights 167 grams (against 222 for Nokia 9500) and what is the main the dimensions have also been changed - 132x51x21 mm (against 148x57x24 mm).The communicator is possible to carry in a pocket of a shirt but you won't look the best.The navi joystick is quite comfortable and is easy to work with.

The backlighting is white, not very bright but the characters are seen clearly.

The explanation is the manufacturer made the upper part interchangeable and I won't judge how reasonable it is for a business product.