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owners ("SBIers") in the Top 0.5% today than in the Top 3% almost a decade ago. being in the Top 0.5% is like being "The Top Of Your Class" in a group of 200. Sorry to take so much space on "history," but the historical trend of SBI!Your classroom is now packed with 200 students instead of 33, but you are still #1. The competitive edge of SBIers continues to increase, year after year. 's decade of increasing success is as striking as the actual, present-day results displayed below. SBIers build traffic better than any other group in the world.Libraries, cafeterias, residences, student services, administrative offices and other University facilities will also remain open and available to students.” The letter provided a link to a website with information on whether their classes were suspended or running during the strike.

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Roughly 60 per cent of teaching at York is done by contract faculty and teaching assistants represented by the Canadian Union for Public Employees (CUPE) local 3903.

If students are still attending classes it weakens the strike’s effectiveness—in that case, how can it be taken seriously? RELATED: Canadian universities are failing students on sexual assault However, many students are thankful the university has elected to continue classes.