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It allows a user to determine whether a fill operation should continue.For example, Fill Error could occur when you can't convert data from data from a database to Common Language Runtime (CLR) type without losing precision or when data type casting is not valid. When a client begins a transaction in classic My SQL, all subsequent commands (on that connection) are part of that transaction until the client commits or rolls back the transaction.

After that I changed the button's name property to Data Adapter Events Test Btn and wrote a button-click event handler by double-clicking on the button control.Fill Error Event Handler handles the Fill Error event.The event handler receives an argument of type Fill Error Event Args, which contains data related to this event. private void Custom Adapter Batch Update Form_Load(object sender, System.

One thing to keep in mind: the solution code iterates in reverse order through the parameters collection so that parameters are replaced correctly if there are more than nine parameters; if they were processed in forward order, parameter , and so on.

Finally, the statement is added to a // Namespaces, variables, and constants using System; using System. Ensure that strings, dates, and any other fields are properly delimited when values are substituted for parameter names in the , the solution remains fundamentally the same if you use your own custom updating logic.