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People who are guarded are usually: One of many lessons that I’ve learned is that having walls up over the years doesn’t protect you from hurt, but actually sometimes keeps love & great friendships out. So if you are guarded or have a wall up, evaluate if you are getting the life you wanted because of your walls.

No one wants to start dating someone who needs to pretend to be someone else – it’s creepy… When that’s done, your walls may be slightly less difficult to penetrate (insert dirty joke here).I think from that point, I only shared so much of myself. This website was created to motivate women to live simple, smart, and inspired lives through stories of motherhood, wife life, and so much more. She enjoys reading, staying active and trying new things.I believe deep down, I was scared that it would happen again. Do you want more of an emotional connection with people?

Having your guard up after recent soul squashing is completely normal and healthy.

They notice facial expressions, the words people choose to use, all because they are hiding something themselves too, so they can read the signs.

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