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I wore a dress that (though I think it's lovely) I'd normally reserve for raving clubs (which, let's face it, isn't my scene at all), and packed on the heaviest makeup I could fathom. In England, there's this word: chav, or chavette for its female equivalent.Though it's somewhat derogatory, it has become used by the general population to refer to a person who is quite loutish and wears a lot of fake designer stuff.

Through the week, I changed my photos daily (all taken in the same location, with the same lighting), keeping the actual bio information unchanged (a single paragraph detailing my love of literature and writing, my obsession with Breaking Bad and Game of Thrones and my desire to meet new people and make some friends.From Ok Cupid: I began all this with the slight hope that in the seven years since my last fashion experiment, people had become slightly more open-minded, and less horrible. Undoubtedly, the most intense reactions came from my goth and night-life ensembles.The former was met with the notion that I was depressed, in need of help and in one instance, completely deranged for wearing such an outfit, while the latter came with blatant presuppositions of my sexuality.Seven years ago, I took an introduction to sociology course at my town's community college.

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    Wave-Gotik-Treffen WGT is a gothic music and fashion festival held every year in Leipzig. It's the biggest of its kind. For travel and accommodation tips check out this blogpost. Previous and future. It's predominately a younger scene although you'll find aging older goths and even goth families. There is rarely any report.…