Dating an actor

No wonder they break their backs playing other people.

Don’t be surprised if aspects of the character that he is currently creating sneak into your personal life. Someone that believes in his talent and abilities and only wants him to grow. I’ve been on dates with a few actors at different stages in their careers, but the conversation was always the same. That, and themselves, which I guess is the same thing.Like a football jock who lives, eats and breathes pigskin, actors can’t get their minds off their next role, which translates to a lot of yawning, eye-rolling and kill-me-now boredom on your part — behind his back, of course.After reading this, hopefully, you’ll add “actor” to that list.

While artistic and creative talent can indeed be sexy in a man, there’s nothing sexy about crazy, which apparently 9 out of 10 actors are. But don’t hate me — I’m just a messenger,* sent to save you from potential dating disaster. In perhaps one of the greatest paradoxes of all time, actors feign security while playing a role, yet seem to lack it in their personal lives.

Lee, a 36-year-old actor, also confirmed the news through his agency, Starship Entertainment.