Dating and melthing

Whether it’s your anniversary dinner or just a weeknight date, The Melting Pot specializes in whipping up outstanding experiences in over 120 locations in the U. The Melting Pot serves as a romantic locale for daters seeking exquisite food and a friendly atmosphere.Lingering with bubbling cheese and rich melted chocolate, couples often share special moments over the restaurant’s burners.“The restaurants make their own modifications to menu and specials for Valentine’s Day.” You can refer to their website to find out what Valentine’s Day events are happening at Melting Pot locations near you.“Our team members become ingrained in what we do,” she explained.As a franchise, The Melting Pot gives each location the freedom to make the day their own, so their offerings will vary from place to place.“Every location will have something different going on,” Laura said.The popularity of the three courses, however, soon led the restaurant to expand to serve more dishes at more locations.Today, the franchise owns over 120 domestic locations and several around the world.