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“Decide what to wear according to what looks best from the ribs upward. Super-cleavage is going to look slutsville, and a soft lamp behind you will look hot. Your date will only see your upper half,” says Rachel Greenwald. “Men: no stains or slogans on your T-shirts,” Greenwald says. Best angle to avoid a case of the chins: Elevate the laptop on two phone books and tilt the screen slightly down. See what you really look like ahead of time using video-capture Snapz to evaluate all those not-so-adorable tics. “Take a few sips of wine to relax,” Greenwald says. You’ll look like a lush and have to duck out, leaving the screen blank. I cringed before I even clicked on the link – advertised the article with the headline, “Six Lessons For Singles: How to Look on the Bright Side.” Interesting; I’m definitely single, but I never feel like I need guidance on how to pluck my perspective out of the tub of Haagen Daas that Ms.

I read her article – and frankly I don’t like her tone. Meanley (OK, pun intended), I have to acknowledge that making her the lone target of one of my rants isn’t fair to her because her attitudes are not unique, they are a reflection of society’s mistaken attitudes towards and unfair judgments of single people.“Video dating is going to happen — so you might as well get in on the ground floor.” Even more awesome? Doesn’t this make a girl or a guy asked to Internet date a huge loser not even worth a face-to-face meeting? “Why does he want to video date and not meet, or if he didn’t want to talk, he wouldn’t contact you at all.” Hooray!Because your “date” can only see you from the waist up, you don’t even have to wear pants. Using the live-chat technology makes you feel very “Charlie’s Angels” meets “The Jetsons,” except for real. From a ladies’ perspective, fellow blogger Erin Meanley adds that it works to a woman’s advantage, too.I told a friend I'd been going on a string of semi-lame first dates lately. Five minutes after that, I got this message: "dude. And if you're in a loud bar or restaurant anyway, couldn't you just put the phone in your pocket, pretend you felt your phone vibrate, check it, and make your exit?