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So stay tuned and before we bid adieu, why not end this blog with one more photo of a one of the waitresses who also happens to be a model. China and a group of countries in Southeast Asia are likely to talk briefly about a territorial dispute when their leaders meet next month.

The agreement, called a code of conduct, had been stopped for five years largely because China didn’t like it.In fact, here’s our producing team posing kung-fu style! when you go into Cafe Lu, the atmosphere is very much like a cozy, neighborhood bar or cafe, but instead of Norm Peterson and Cliff Clavin sitting at their usual bar stools, there’s hot women serving you the strongest Vietnamese iced coffees ever. It’s simply amazing, and very, very strong — perfect elixir for all-night cram sessions.Just from our stay there, we saw a few young men and women who walked in and ordered take-out coffees, who may have been college students.Usually, China avoids negotiating with groups of countries because such discussions lessen China’s power. Many of these nations receive support from the United States military.

China wishes to call the code of conduct talks “discussions” to avoid the more formal word “negotiations,” said Carl Thayer, emeritus professor at The University of New South Wales.

Cafe Lu is considered the crème de la crème of Vietnamese bikini coffee. Because of the very savvy owner, Natalie aka Nguyen.

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