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Read about the types of information we routinely publish in our Publication Scheme in the link above.asked military veterans to send us their stories of life after war— their experiences returning home and seeking health care and benefits from the Department of Veterans Affairs. In the past week, we've heard from not only veterans, but also from family members of veterans, both living and deceased; from doctors who work with the VA; from journalists who've covered the VA; and from various contractors and private citizens who deal with the VA in various capacities.These are personal histories freely shared, and taken together, they paint a picture of reality that it is hard to find elsewhere.And now, some stories of life as a United States military veteran. I have been diagnosed with fairly severe PTSD (I can still function and work(some days I have to go and sit in my car because I just feel out of control of my own emotions(God bless my boss who knows about my situation but employs me and covers for me), but there are usually several days a month where my wife has to make sure she and my toddler son basically need to stay away from me because I can get pretty emotionally unstable for reasons I still can't explain because I have yet to really put a better finger on my triggers).

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I also attend group meetings that deal with PTSD and other assorted issues (they have separate groups mostly, but sometimes they have to combine then due to lack of budget), and you can't begin to understand what people have gone through in the military (non-combat related) unless you sit in those rooms and hear first-hand some of the most gut-wrenching, soul-sickening stories you could imagine, and that leads to a lot of this: Many veterans are over/undermedicated due to the huge overflow of vets thanks to the recent wars and the vets still living after the previous ones, combined with underfunding from the government.Veterans UK Enquiry Centre This email address remains the same for now and is [email protected] phone number is 0808 1914 2 18When this email is updated emails sent to our old email address will be forwarded to the new address for a period of time, but please start using the new email address when it changes. If you need to send sensitive information to DBS, please ensure you are aware of your own or your organisations' IT security procedures, just as you would have done previously.The following Monday I was contacted by the nearest Vet Center (They offer help and/or counseling for mental issues or aid with disability claims) and was immediately offered weekly visits with a social worker (wonderful lady).

That social worker eventually got me into weekly (psychologist) and quarterly (psychiatrist, but they are very busy trying to regulate people's meds) visits with the VA.

I cut back on my partying and stopped fighting (still working on the drinking), but when my wife got pregnant I started to have REALLY LOW lows (did some things I am not proud of over there.