Dating my marshall amp

I took all gears and bearings out of the case inspected them replaced 1 slightly worn pilot bearing, replaced all seals found no broken bearing holders or bad gears. Any Ideas Tim john it s possable the mower is in a bind. this should fix the problem with the tractor...b dont try to force the pto lever on the tractor to the off position..brake the shifting fork. Now I m going to be in search of stuff for two tractors. IF I SEND A PICTURE CAN YOU PROBABLY TELL ME THE YEAR. The way I have the headlights wired they light when starting the tractor but when the tractor starts the headlights go out despite the switch still being on. is there any way that I can find out the year of it thanks so much, I really want to restore it, but until I know the year, it will be tough to get replacement parts.I have a farmall H that seems to be locked between gears in the field with a rotary mower attached. What do I need to change to make them stay on once the tractor starts Thanksis there anyone out there that can tell me the horse power of a 1948 ih farmall h tractor with tricycle front end also what is the horsepower of a 1958 ih utility 350 with t/amp,,, my brother in law has the h i own the 350 utility we both want to purchase pto driven tillers and no one seems to know which tiller our tractors will handle,,,,the tillers come in 4-5 and 6 foot versions 4 foot requires 20-35 hp,,,5 foot requires 25-40 hp and the 6 foot requires 35-50 horse i ve tried searching so many sights i am going cross eyed,,,it would sure help if some one could answer this and i sure would appreciate thanks RONI have put live hydraulics on my 51 H and would like to put an OEM Charlynn power steering on it but understand the space is very close. thanks again, bruce As you can tell by our e-mail address my wife and myself are retired and enjoying life. Any Help I just purchaced a Farmall H that I believe is a 1950 or 1951.My stuff here is cracked because of -40C and only antifreeze. If anyone has any suggestions I will be willing to try them.Is somebody out there who can help me to find the parts i need? call me at 740-384-4323 or E-mail bdsass at I just wanted to say that to my knoledge I have an H-TA sitting in my driveway. (to buy after market is nut's $$$$$$ ) Thank's Hope someone can help with this question. Hi, I own and restored a 1950 Farmall H at the age of 12. Last winter I restored it (with help from my dad on the hard bolts and such). Now my dad and I are now working on a Farmall M, but we need a little help getting the motor and pistons i just replaced the condensor and put in in spark plugs, wires, got new tires for it and put in some fresh gas and cranked her up on the second time it turn over. Any throttle adjustment above an idle stalls it out when hot. Can't remember how to assemble it--have most of the pieces, I believe. Does anyone know any source I can search for info with the tractor serial number?

It's been sittin for about 14 years, and I'd like to restore it. Can anyone please give me some advise on how to figure out the year? Gear on distributor is worn out and in need of new.Pull the gearshift out, line things up and be really careful. The nut on the stearing shaft in the case up frontd was completely off the shaft. Itis tapered so I hit it lightly down and tightened the nut. does any one know of more super h s like this one My brother in law has a farmall H serial # 16865 that was suppose to be a orchard model. It has hinge points for what I suppose is a drop down screen over both sides of engine compartment. What can be operated with it and how some of these set up.Good Luck This could be the anser for john,his tractor is locked up he can start the tractor in neutrol, but when you let out the clutch it kills the motor.remove the shifting leaver one shifting plate is out of line. IT RUNS VERY WELL BUT I WOULD LIKE TO KNOW THE YEAR IN CASE I HAVE TO ORDER PARTS. I bought a 1948 H tractor 2 months ago and when I drove it in 4th. Can anybody help me with identification of this tractor It only has 3 forward gears I have owned a 52 H since 2003. Thanks I have a farmall H tractor and I use it as much as I can. I have a question my H has only one single front tire is this the way the H was made.Is somebody out there who can help me to find the parts i need? Now my dad and I are now working on a Farmall M, but we need a little help getting the motor and pistons unstuck.

Greetings Horst Hi Guys I need an 152 4 cyl engine block and cylinder head. He has it tore apart and i have no idea how to re assemble it. It's an International Harvester Model H Serial# FBR197242x1. Hi, I own and restored a 1950 Farmall H at the age of 12. Last winter I restored it (with help from my dad on the hard bolts and such). This tractor has all the fixings from a belt pulley, toolbox, electric start,and a custom PTO cover with my name on it. We have used deisel fuel, but unfortunaly that has not worked.


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