Dating peter wright anvils

The auctioneer described it as a 100 lb anvil but you should have heard some of his other tool descriptions.

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It is the only tool that I own that came from my own family. Keith Rucker Tifton, GA -- This message has been scanned for viruses and dangerous content by Mail Scanner, and is believed to be clean. Mine says "PETER WRIGHT PATENT" in large letters and "Solid Wrought" with the letters forming a circle. luck finding a decent (ie, useable) anvil in the western parts of the US of A for the "traditional" dollar a pound.Local smiths/machinists can do a pretty nice job of re-finishing the top surfaces if they are not too far gone.Special welding rods and some hammering and grinding. But about the highest per pound price I have seen on items is the ring cones - especially the four or five foot tall ones with the tong groove - Yikes - guess I won't ever have one.I picked up (literally) a Peter Wright anvil at an auction Saturday.

Does anyone have any information on Peter Wright and how to determine age of this anvil? I forgot how to read the markings to determine weight and I haven't put it on a scale.

Supply and demand, I guess, or the inflated dreams of the (would-be) sellers.