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I believe Central Europe is one of the most fascinating yet underrated regions.Long history, rich culture, delicious food, friendly locals…This page is based on a Wikipedia article written by contributors (read/edit).Text is available under the CC BY-SA 4.0 license; additional terms may apply. I like to read the Bible and others interesting books and watch valuable movies.[#1] Daj mi majk, wbijam jak Miss Dynamite 99 problems mam, umierają we friday night Zbuntowany, bazgrałem po szybach z markera O superbohaterach czytałem w zeszytach Marvela Tęsknię za czasami z kasetami, melanżami na farta Zgony wyznaczały północ jak Gwiazda Polarna Tęsknię za płytami, co pięć miechów nie schodziły z ucha Old schoolami, których dziś nie potrafię słuchać Tobie pokój, gdy podnosisz poprzeczkę bo Ja już rap robię na boku, jak na łyżeczkę boy Wersy składam dla siebie, kontrakt kiepski mi da Tede Mainstream pada na glebę, jak Sypniewski pod sklepem Pierdolę udowadniać, gram rap przy wódce Tu gdzie raperem chce być każdy i brat Kukulskiej Ej master, marsz ten trwał setki mil Flamaster na szkle in the place would be(?The place is just the cutest, surrounded by the trees and with a really relaxing vibe! If hostels aren’t your thing check out the best deals on accommodation in Vilnius here (click! The self proclaimed republic and the bohemian heart of the city.Uzupis has its own president, currency, flag, army (around 11 men) and so on – all the attributes that a country should have.

Even if recently Lithuania has joined the Euro zone the country is still a pretty good value for money and is a great, somehow unknown, destination that can impress many. I wish, that it was my soul mate - my beloved, the person whom I would like to connect my life. I would like to find a mature man, who belives in God and is ready to create a family based on love... My heart is free and is opened for someone especial, and I yet have not found it.Images, videos and audio are available under their respective licenses.