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Go to a hospital's emergency department if the following conditions develop: The medical evaluation begins with a thorough history and physical exam.Depending on the setting (medical office or hospital) and the seriousness of your symptoms, laboratory and ultrasound tests may be performed.The rupture may occur before or during labor or at the time of delivery.Other risk factors for uterine rupture are these conditions: Fetal vessel rupture: The baby's blood vessels from the umbilical cord may attach to the membranes instead of the placenta.Late in pregnancy as the opening of your womb, called the cervix, thins and dilates (widens) in preparation for labor, some blood vessels of the placenta stretch and rupture.

It is helpful for your health care professional to know the amount and the quality of the bleeding that you have.Placenta previa: The placenta, which is a structure that connects the baby to the wall of your womb, can partially or completely cover the cervical opening (the opening of the womb to the vagina).When you bleed because of this, it is called placenta previa.Bleeding is not normal at any time during pregnancy.

Report any vaginal bleeding during pregnancy to your health care professional.

Risk factors for placenta previa include these conditions: Placental abruption: This condition occurs when a normal placenta separates from the wall of the womb (uterus) prematurely and blood collects between the placenta and the uterus.

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