Dating remington guns

There was also a version that shot 22 shorts called the “Gallery Special”.This version had a shell deflector on the cover and often a metal swivel on the bottom of the receiver to chain it to a shooting gallery bench.The bolts on the bolt-action rifles had spoon shaped handles and were chromed on all versions.

Nylon 66s in the author’s collection include a Bicentenial (just below the boxed 66), Seneca Green just below it.These included a single shot, a detachable magazine and a tube fed version, Nylon 10, 11 & 12 respectively. A lever action nylon rifle was made for a short time (Nylon 76 Trail Rider).A smooth bore single shot Nylon 10 was also made in limited numbers. The Nylon 76 is the only lever action rifle Remington ever made.The Nylon 76 also came in a limited black and chrome version.

It is believed to have been made in black stock blued version as well, perhaps called the standard though there is no factory documentation to support that version. A few allegedly came out in black and chrome but there is no documentation to support that.

Other importers, Magtech, Kassnar and Century Arms also are believed to have imported the CBC rifles at different times.