Dating the enemy 02 06 2016

Not to mention the in control attitudes and stylish fashion they wear.Most girls here are always matching from head to toe, totally put together even if they are just running out to buy something at the grocery store!Lastly, understand that most Costa Rican women are not desperately looking for a foreigner to come and take them away.If you don’t want to live in Costa Rica close to her family you probably should rethink dating a Costa Rican girl.Many think that they want to go to the USA for where ever you are from but then when they get there in 6 months they will want to return home.To make a relationship work be prepared to stay in Costa Rica.There are good and bad women everywhere and you can find your type in every country in the world.PS – If you are down here for sex tourism and you want to “save a girl from this life”, make sure she actually wants to be saved.

Compliment the cleanliness of her house and the flavor of her cooking (and that of her family) because these things are very important in Costa Rican culture. Costa Rican women have ideas and education and good jobs.Like all women you do have some that are snakes in the grass that you need to watch out for so you do not get left heart broken and penniless.You must watch out for those women that are in the “business of gringos” as one Costa Rican woman once told me.They may seem quite to foreigners but they are very strong and smart.

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