Dating vintage fender pots

Power up the amplifier, and watch for any deflection on the meter.If you cannot see much of a meter reading, go downward through the voltage scales (usually this would be 50, 15, 5, and 1.5).The input impedance of analog VOM’s and the slow response of DMM’s makes the test shown above much more difficult to perform.You can check for leakage faster and with a visual indicator using a VTVM, and it is a worthwhile test.

Accordingly, the ohms-per-volt sensitivity changes with the range selected.Many of today’s tube ‘experts’ do not seem to own a VTVM, and I am always puzzled by this.To give you a basic understanding of what a VTVM is, and why it is so valuable, let’s start with a crash course. At the end of the ‘Lesson’ I will impart with a book list that can help you become a better technician in no time flat!Therefore, voltage measurements are far more accurate than with a regular VOM. Probably not, but it will come in handy later, as we’ll soon see.

One of the biggest advantages of a VTVM over a ‘regular’ VOM is accuracy. It assumes a standard triode tube used as a voltage amplifier.

On the outside, the meter looks like a typical old-fashioned analog meter. Despite the differences in outward appearance, probably 99% of VTVM’s have the identical circuit inside the cabinet.

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