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No matter what is said or done, everyone ends up getting it.This is not to give you a spoiler and to say that everyone gets it in the movie. I could go on but you'll hit "close" on your browser. Devon Sawa stars as Anton, a slacker who sits around his house all day, smoking weed, and watching television. Review"Final Destination" begins with an unusually fresh and amply terrifying scene in which a nondescript horror movie prototeen (Devon Sawa) has a vivid, realistic, and special effects-laden premonition that the 747 he's just boarded will explode on take-off.Well, one look at this piece of crap passed off as a movie and it's obvious why: It sucks!Amazing that with a talented cast, the movie (plot: Single father.) just sits there like a stuffed monkey."I'm never going to die!Continue reading: Idle Hands Review Ah, to be a young anarchist in 1985... Using the most conservative city in America as a backdrop for the American punk movement proves to be nothing short of brilliance in S. Shouldn't this really be National Lampoon's Extreme Dating?Beginning with an elaborate scam that actually gives the movie some potential, we are introduced to our leads (Devon Sawa, Jason Segel, and Michael C.Maronna) as they simultaneously shoot video of the women's cross-country team, steal a physics exam, and fake getting hit by a truck. Steinberg (story writer on American Pie 2) tries building an entire feature based on one decent scenario.

Since you can't kill Death, destroy Death, or send Death screaming back to its home planet, you have a no-win scenario in front of you.Continue reading: Final Destination Review It's very frustrating. The original Scream was good (although ruined by a sequel). I mean, he's worried what more damage he could do, but it doesn't really bother him. This little gem features the always-engaging Matthew Lilliard as "Stevo," a blue-haired college grad in the Reagan years who rages against the machine, his parents, his enemies, and -- of course -- Utah. Snapped awake in a sweat from his incubus, Sawa ("Idle Hands") flips out and bolts for the exit.His friends refused to go to heaven (too far) and walk around as zombies for the rest of the film, helping Anton control the hand, and save his girlfriend (Jessica Alba, who I wouldn't mind saving). When his friends try to calm him down, they all get dragged off the plane and left in the terminal where they watch helplessly as -- you guessed it -- the jet goes kaplewy in mid-air, killing everyone aboard.Slackers, by first-time director and former fashion photographer Dewey Nicks, is such a futile, awkward, poor attempt at exposing the "wacky craziness" of higher education that even its title is completely wrong.

And that's because the main protagonists are not slackers at all -- in fact, they're a trio of heady, hard-working college cheaters.

Amanda Detmer has a reputation for being bitchy and accident-prone. Continue reading: Extreme Dating Review You know how somehow, God knows why, every movie is somebody's favorite movie. It's that the movie, despite being about stunts, terrorists, sex, and extreme sports, doesn't have enough energy to turn on a light bulb. Extreme Ops is so slow it's the antidote to amphetamines.

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    Directed by Lorena David. With Monique Demers, Meat Loaf, Benjamin King, Devon Sawa. In this action-comedy, four twenty-something friends are looking for love and having no luck.…