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Many of the topics of her columns in the HBO show centered on her relationship with Mr. There were plenty of times in which she accused him of being a narcissist, and yet she continued to hold onto the relationship, as well as write about it weekly. What lies below the surface of these artistic character’s motivations to remain in the lives of their exes and allow their work to be influenced by it? After her guest appearance on the show, Davis had another guest role on Friends, before claiming success in her own right with a starring role as sweet and naive Charlotte in HBO’s comedy-drama series Sex and the City.Teri Hatcher wasn’t the only one of Jerry’s exes to wind up a Desperate Housewife. But, we digress, flame-haired beauty Marcia made an appearance as Sara, a doctor whom Jerry dates in season nine.We’ve compiled the ultimate list of Seinfeld’s ex-girlfriends and what they’re doing with their lives today.You’re definitely going to recognize some famous faces here.Angela had Jerry right under her thumb and was a powerful indicator of his shallowness.He went to confront her but decided against it because of her looks. Since Seinfeld, she has enjoyed a successful career in film and TV.

Kramer finds a ton of lobster unaware that he is stealing from a fisherman’s trap. While there, Jerry and Elaine meet a man who tells a story of how his son is Jerry’s biggest fan but he is confined to a bubble because of an illness. Their relationship ended almost as quickly as it began.You might have that feeling you recognize Anna from somewhere before.Their break up is one of the shows most wonderfully awkward moments.

Cross went on to win the lead role in Melrose Place, and, later in her career, also starred in the aforementioned Desperate Housewives, alongside Teri Hatcher.

As a self-confessed germaphobe and neat freak, some women were dumped simply because they didn’t meet his high standards.