Examples of accomadating negotiation style

You can say that you’re committed to ensuring a smooth transition, that there will be plenty of time to find someone great for the role, and that you’ll keep them posted as things play out. Within the last nine months I was assigned a new boss at my current job.If anyone seems particularly anxious, you can talk to them about how this is a normal part of work life, employers are set up to deal with it, and no one is irreplaceable (or shouldn’t be). She is wonderful – supportive, fair, smart – more like a mentor, actually.She is a world of difference from the awful boss I endured for years before her.Our workplace is experiencing a lot of change (new leadership, layoffs) and she has asked me several times for assurance that I am not looking to leave.I was able to get my foot in the door thanks to “Amanda.” I love my job and love my coworkers.Before I started, Amanda always took the bus home, or got a ride with Suzanne.And that’s not an unreasonable requirement, and it’s one you’re likely to find at a lot of jobs. I recently found out that I’ll be leaving my job over the summer and I’m not sure when the best time to tell them is.Why not make the whole situation a non-issue by just showing up to work on time? My supervisor effectively has 5 months notice that I’ll be leaving and is very supportive, but as a supervisor I want to talk to my students about me leaving without it being a jarring transition for them in the fall.

My leaving will be a huge burden for her and the rest of the team.Plus, the ride home was my one quiet time of the day, where I could crank up my music, not have to talk to anyone and could decompress. Amanda has never once offered gas money or asked if I mind driving her.She lives literally 2 blocks from me, but it’s really affecting my routine. It’s not at all fair to Amanda to be stewing about this and not letting her know.This may seem like a petty complaint, but it is something I end up stewing over every week.

I have been at my current position for a little over three months.

Unless you have reason to believe that you’re being treated differently because of your race, religion, or some other protected category, there’s really nothing to be done here.

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