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The theory was widely mocked, including by former intelligence officials, and frankly didn’t make a whole lot of sense: even if Atwal’s presence in the country were due to some elaborate high-level plot to sabotage the prime minister’s visit (he had in fact been granted several visas over the years, the latest of which was last summer) it did not explain how he got on the invite list — especially since a Liberal MP, Randeep Sarai, had already confessed his responsibility.But this was not some flack from the Prime Minister’s Office spinning this, but the country’s top spook, so my colleagues felt obliged to report it, taking care to describe Jean only as a “senior government official with knowledge of security issues,” and the like.A new poll indicates a dramatic gender divide in how Ontarians plan to vote in the spring election, with the Progressive Conservatives significantly more popular with men than the other two major parties.A phone survey conducted by Ekos Research Associates found just over 50 per cent of men said they would vote for the Tories “if the election was held tomorrow,” or were leaning towards voting for them.Several hundred North Korean workers are returning to China in a move potentially in violation of UNSC resolutions, Radio Free Asia reported, UPI revealed.“Earlier this month, more than 400 North Korean women workers were newly dispatched to the Yanbian Korean Autonomous Prefecture,” a source in China’s Jilin Province told RFA, adding this shift “is a sign of the impact of Chairman Kim Jong Un’s visit.” Another source in Dangdong, the Chinese border town, reported the arrival of busloads of young female workers from North Korea.If he did, we’d never know it: its members are forbidden by their lifetime secrecy oath even to divulge whether he appeared before them.) That both sides are playing politics with this, the Tories seeking to prolong the prime minister’s India agonies, the Liberals doing their best to tie up their inquiries in national security knots, is not in doubt.But underneath all the partisan silliness there are some serious issues involved, and serious questions raised by Jean’s intervention.

So when it all blew up, and blew up again — the prime minister backing Jean in Parliament, the Indian government bluntly expressing its dismay at this “baseless and unacceptable” suggestion — it was hardly surprising the Conservatives would demand to hear from Jean, by now outed as the source.The plea on Saturday night by Cardinal Joseph Zen to a Rome conference on the limits of papal authority appeared to be the start of a new alliance that could help both sides bring their message of dissent across.China and the Vatican have been working out a framework accord on the appointment of bishops, which eventually could lead to diplomatic relations between the Holy See and Beijing. Catholics in China are split between those in "underground" communities that recognize the pope and those belonging to a state-controlled Catholic Patriotic Association where bishops are appointed by the government in collaboration with local Church communities. "Mom," she said hesitantly, "I really appreciate your feelings, but, in all honesty, how can you say you love someone you've never met?

At the end of the conversation, her mother said, "Darling, I want you to know we love you, and we love David." Susan was a bit dubious.

A Go Fund Me campaign set up to help families of the Humboldt Bronco’s hockey team, which was involved in a horrific crash, has raised more than $3 million. "The toll that these allegations have taken on Eddie and Jessie have been overwhelming. These people are contributors to this community," said Roulston as Maurice and his wife, holding their baby girl, stood behind her.