Friendship and dating in riyadh

He’s the decision maker in my life and decides everything for me. I will not allow my family to choose my future life partner, the person who will sleep next to me every night.It’s enough for them to determine my fate, my clothes, my studies; they have controlled years of my teen life without anything nice to remember.

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I feel that a lot of women look at life from one perspective and they don’t have an outlook for the future.They come from different regions, financial circumstances and home lives, and have varying opinions about the system. “I have a routine: the weekdays are only for studying, and the weekend is for going out, meeting friends, and partying — yes, partying.In Saudi Arabia most things are prohibited, but we have ‘the life underground’ where we can do all the crazy, mostly illegal things without anyone knowing.I feel like most of the ‘fun’ things to do are targeted towards men.

Simple things like riding a bike are frowned upon for women.

The incident (and the reaction it provoked) was a reminder of the intense restrictions that govern women’s lives there.