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You've met a few people, and if you play the game long enough, Kim will set you up on date with one of her friends.You can choose your type, starting with Sporty or Artistic; if you have enough charms, you can get Kim to set you up with someone really special. Pick a date with more fans and is of a higher celebrity listing than you.Each task takes energy, and the tasks vary in the amount of energy needed.You don't have to spend any money on a date to make a lasting impression.We're going to give you a few tips and strategies on how to navigate your way around the celebrity dating scene. Going to meet and greets and flirting with people could keep your dating schedule full.Flirt with people to add them as contacts for dating, or network with them to help you with professional gigs.Global data from online dating site has identified some of the major contradictions.Some are subtle, like how women in the US are half an inch taller on average, but others are more significant.

If you want to have a successful date, you must dress to impress and prepare to spend some money.Continue to date more influential people and you'll reap the social benefits of choosing a suitable celebrity mate.You have a few tips and strategies for dating in Kim Kardashian: Hollywood.Whether a sign of creeping cultural imperialism or just an excuse to get bladdered on Bud Light and eat undercooked hotdogs, I'm unsure.