Interested dating friend romatic ecards

If you haven't much experience with kidnapping, there are plenty of online tools to help you out, such as the Contact Sheet ransom note generator.Just don't do something silly and actually kidnap something your sweetie actually cares about, such as a teddy bear or a bucket. Limit yourself to intangibles, such as: The ACME heartmaker lets you make your own customized candy hearts, engraving the name of your beloved on the colored confectionary of your choice. For a different style of heart (including “goth mode”), check out cryptogram hearts.If you dig through, you can usually find a cause for celebration. Make a customized crossword that only your beloved could solve, at the oddly-named armoredpenguin.

You can create your own talking e-cards for free, if you know the right sites.

Prepare a couple, then send them to your beloved to express your feelings in BIG LETTERS.