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They opened a small tunnel far above timberline, and carried the ore on their backs or on sleds down to a small stream at the foot of the mountain.They built a small arrastra of hard trachyte rock to grind the ore, dragging a heavy stoneround and round by man power.Duchesne, under pretence of hunting bear, got out on snowshoes, and instead of looking for bruin, thoroughly prospected the gold ledges embraced in the Uintah reservation, bringing back with them samples of quartz that is fairly lousy with gold.It is intiminted that they stand in with the commision, and that as soon as the reservation is opened, the minions of the government, rather than citizens, will secure the most valuable mineral lands therein."Wolverton toiled alone for 11 years to erect a mill which he believed would yield him a fortune in gold.Wolverton had little money, but he was confident the mine would pay good dividends eventually and he didn't want to divide profits with stockholders.So he decided to operate alone,with the help of two sons.At another opening in the same cave which he followed for more than a quarter of a mile, with many branches leading from both sides, he is confident it fit the description of the woman's story.

To a fellow prisoner, also a negro, he told the purported location of the bullion cache.He determined to keep this mine for himself and his family.At first he had a partner named Gates, but when the later insisted on promoting money to operate the mine, they dissolved partnership and Gates left.Schaefermeyer found a cave which has been inhabited.