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It is contrary to the popular belief that bisexual men aren’t coming out because they are unsure of their identity....The fear of ostracization, of excommunication from a religious community, and of having your wife or girlfriend leave you because of your past sexual encounters with men all work to keep bisexual men in the closet.I also admire the fact that you'll be coming out to your wife about just how important having a same-sex experience is to you. you've already contemplated cheating on your wife in order to have it, something else she'll learn when you show her your letter.("I could make time to have fun with this couple and my wife would never know.") You didn't cheat on her, and that's good, but you were tempted—and that's how bad you want this.I have no doubt we'll one day find our elusive unicorn and have a blast. My reason for writing is that I've finally admitted to myself that I'm bi-curious too.I saw an ad a few days ago that got me hard almost immediately—a married couple in my area, in my age range, nice photos of middle aged bodies, and they sound like a lot of fun. I have non-sexual interests that my wife's not into, so I could make time to have fun with this couple and my wife would never know.Hopefully your bisexual desire/identity/curiosity won't be a problem for your wife—hopefully she's not a hypocrite who views her own bisexuality one way (exciting!

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While most men are only too happy to date bi women, most women are wary about dating bi guys.(I have two letters in my inbox from bi guys who were dumped when they came out to their bi girlfriends.Also: there are double standards around bisexuality over in Same-Sex Land too, but they're not relevant to your question, RHETT.) So, yeah, you're right to be nervous about coming out to your bisexual wife as bisexual yourself—just as so many other bisexual men are nervous about coming out to their female partners—but I gotta admire how you've already committed yourself to coming out to her as bi, RHETT, which she'll learn when she reads this letter.Some identify as bisexual, others as pansexual, many simply as queer, and others refuse any label at all.

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  • More than half of women are bi-curious and attracted to other. profil de paulette60


    Oct 21, 2011. Most women are naturally bi-curious when it comes to sex, a new report says. And, as Mary Portas discovered. Portas had an amicable divorce from her husband, with whom she has two teenage children - in fact, her husband was the first person she told about Melanie. She added 'I certainly wasn't a.…