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You agree that when your free trial ends, The Great Courses will automatically continue your subscription and charge the subscription fee to your payment method on a monthly (or yearly) basis until you cancel. Professor Curzan has won several awards for teaching, including the University of Michigan's Henry Russel Award, the Faculty Recognition Award, and the John Dewey Award. Wolfe also edited the 2012 Library of America ‘s American Science Fiction: Nine Classic Novels of the 1950s and edits a series of monographs on science fiction authors for the University of Illinois Press.Cancellation will be effective at the end of each billing period. Her research interests include the history of English, language and gender, corpus linguistics, historical sociolinguistics, pedagogy, and lexicography.

Three Bears, State vs., Beane (the giant killer), or the Wicked Witch vs, Snow-white, on trial.You agree that your subscription will begin immediately and that you will not have a statutory right to cancel and receive a refund. He has been nominated for the prestigious Hugo Award from the World Science Fiction Convention, twice for his nonfiction and three times for the podcast he co-hosts with Jonathan Straham.This will not affect your one month free trial period and you can still cancel at any time by logging into 'My Account' and following the cancellation process. in English Language and Literature from the University of Michigan. A reviewer for Locus magazine since 1991 and the Chicago Tribune since 2013, and author or editor of a dozen books, Dr.Scott and Claudia Walker have two children, a daughter and a five-year old boy, Jesse; Scott has a son, T. She will be able to complete her final semester of high school while so confined. Pat Green The case is a criminal jury trial involving an 18 year old defendant who pleads self-defense after shooting the leg of another 18 year old armed with a baseball bat. Dorian Lowe In this case, a high school student is charged with possession of a controlled substance (marijuana) with intent to distribute after an e-mail message is intercepted by the student's school principal. The rifle found in Nicky's hands belonged to Shawn Burnett.