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I am now hounding all the 20-plus people around me, asking them to connect me to their friends who use dating apps.A 27-year-old friend of a colleague who lives in Mumbai says she moved to dating apps because she is actively looking to find her Mr Right and ‘settle down’.“Yes, she is on Tinder,”…“Haha, he does not get any likes,”… this one’s girlfriend is on Tinder and he has swiped her left.” Denials flow thick and fast around the table and mock fights erupt amid a lot of giggles and bantering.This circle of friends at an upmarket nightclub in the heart of IT city, Bengaluru, is surely not one of a kind.“It was a curiosity for me and I found it interesting to read what people had written about themselves,” he says. Adds Nelly,, says, “The reason dating apps are catching up in India is because we do not have enough spaces to find like-minded people.In the West, these apps are probably just another way to expand choices, but in our country, it is proving to be the only choice.” Nagaswami feels that as a nation we are also not into activities like trekking or sports etc, which in turn limits our social circle, making young people fall back on these apps.

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Neil Mc Arthur, a philosopher at the University of Manitoba in Canada, in an excellent essay in Aeon, presents a good argument questioning if humans will ever be liberated from the basic biological needs that drove our evolutionary past?“I tried matrimonial sites a couple of years ago, but found that the men there are guarded and ask you questions probably their parents want to ask like wanting to see my horoscope,” she says. We communicated over Whats App, finding out things about each other and then he suggested we meet.” On their first date, he turned up late at the coffee shop but quickly charmed her into staying back.“He was openly flirting with me.She went on three different dates through three different dating apps. Taking my hands in his, running his fingers through my hair.It has been a year since Raj and his friends graduated from a premier college in the state and are now working in the city.

Raj hangs out with his buddies on weekends, has a girlfriend, is not shy to admit that he used to be on dating apps but is less active now.

How then is this mobile revolution changing the attitudes of the next gen of young boys and girls in India?

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