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It should be tailored to you, so it feels special, personal.The couple had only been dating for six months, having met at a retreat and bonded while playing naked table tennis.The sans clothing singletons are left on different sides of the island and then left to wander to one another and begin their first date in nothing but their birthday suits.The show’s description is really something: ‘After a spectacular and rather awkward start, the couple explores the island to find their shelter and food supply, where they will spend the night together in a breathtaking paradise: it is their true Garden of Eden.’ Having proved a hit in its native Holland, there are now said to be plans to bring the series to the UK. Click the magnifying glass icon on the left to get started.

50is the leading over 50 online dating site and active community for baby boomers, senior singles and singles over 50 in Canada.For Nigel, however, it took him until he was 40 to start shedding his clothes, in a move to tackle his issues around body image. ‘Being naked just levels everyone out.’ Feeling liberated by that initial trial, Nigel began going to loads more nudist events, including retreats, naked swims, and trips to Cap d’Agde in France – the world’s largest naturist town.‘People who don’t understand it think Cap d’Agde is a swingers’ destination, but I’ve never found it to be like that,’ says Nigel.We are committed to help you to find a partner for dating, friendship and companionship. Join for free now to connect with thousands of other Canadian singles in their prime like you!

Too many people in their fifties and beyond have given up on ever meeting a new partner or new friends.

Engage in exciting discussions with like-minded individuals on exciting topics such as life, love, leisure, health, finances, retirement, friendship and society.

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