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Of course, this set of photos was able to make its way into the inbox of millions of Filipinos all over the world!I only have one thing to say about this – the champ sure knows how to pound his way into a woman’s hearts!She got famous for being the host for “Pinoy Big Brother” and “Wowowee” – as well as for that racket she calls her “singing voice” which she unleashes to Wowowee audiences every now and then.Now the scandalous photo I’m referring to was taken when she was with fellow actress Ms. The photo was taken by a fan wherein she was pictured wearing a two-piece bikini – and her NIPS were showing!I’m not sure if the photo was actually doctored or not, but it did make headlines when it was first leaked out though.Angelica Panganiban is a famous ABS-CBN talent who has been featured in several TV shows and movies including the sexy comedy “Banana Split” and the box office hit “A Love Story.” The photo scandal I’m referring to, actually pertains to a set of calendar photos leaked all over the internet which were photos taken from the dressing room prior to her photo shoot.

Mariel Rodriguez is a well known commercial model, TV host and actress.And since he is the “Pambansang Kamao,” it’s inevitable that his private life gets scrutinized by the paparazzi.Manny is used to knocking down his opponents – but this time round, he’s knocked out a different opponent altogether!I would just look like a liar.” Pauleen Luna is an actress and TV personality who is well known for her role in the movie “Blue Moon” and as one of the hosts of Just recently, a photo was taken of her in a very innocent two-piece bikini – little did she know that something sinister was peeking through her underwear!