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Baxterville is an unincorporated community in Lamar County, Mississippi.It is located in the southwestern portion of Lamar County along Mississippi Highway 13, southwest of Hattiesburg.Kind of like we did with the North Koreans just recently.The Tatum Salt Dome is located between the towns of Baxterville and Purvis, in Lamar County, Mississippi.

The bomb blasted a spherical cavity about 110 feet in diameter inside the salt dome, creating a cavern.The Sterling Test used a device that weighed about 380 kilotons or roughly the size of 38 Davy Crockett bombs, which were 51-pound, crazily radioactive weapons—they had an almost instantly fatal dose of radiation within 500 feet, and a probably fatal dose of radiation within a quarter mile—used by the US (you probably got that from the “Davy Crockett”) during the Cold War. The Sterling Test was the last nuclear test at Tatum Salt Dome, though the site was later used for the non-nuclear Project Miracle Play, which was a series of gas-explosives tests.The townspeople barely felt the blast the second time around. The whole site was scrapped by the early seventies, with the subterranean radioactive materials sealed in the dome and the contaminated equipment and buildings shipped off to the Nevada National Security Site for forever storage. properlyjaded and dating sites full of Black Berry Curve 8900 OS 6 theme for the LEB-100 NIMS 100 answers Korean drum length AR15 Report .. properlyjaded and dating site dating in Kansas brazilton Friend FINDER nudist dating Teresa Earnhardt Viggo and Ariadna are dating Dating Thornburg Iowa..

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Mississippi’s two explosions in Project Miracle Play in 19 were fueled by a mixture of oxygen and methane.

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