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The corporate office here is making me regret all that I would like to do.Would someone please just talk to me and let me know if I am being realistic or not.Reply How do you become a Corporate (traveling) trainer at Domino’s?This could be a win-win for the Customer, the employees and Domino’s Corporate.

They will make u wait an wait An never deliver your order. Barry at Domino’s says that the customer has to ask for these items. There no brain power at Domino’ s if the employees cannot anticipate this out for themselves.I just am so Upset as we ordered a family dinner tonight and on one of My Pan Pizza’s it has either Peppers or Banana Peppers on it and I do NOT eat any kind of peppers or the kids, Well I had other items I have 2 pan Pizzas and they were Ordered Identical but the 2nd one has peppers on it I do not eat peppers EVER I was Poisoned my a Pharmacy in 1992 and I don’t have a good lining in my Mouth as I did before I was poisoned so peppers are a NO no.Anyways I called and talked to the Girl who took my order and she said hang on and got me the Manager, his name I Mike, he straight out from the second he started talking he said, quote, YEA THE GIRL THAT TOOK YOUR ORDER SAID YOU WOULD CALL BACK AND COMPLAIN BUT I SAID NO YOU WOULDN’T I MADE IT PERFECT!At this time I am asking for a meeting or I will be left no other choice but to file a complaint with the eeoc as well as the department of human rights as I can not continue to work in such a hostile and unprofessional environment and possibly need to seek medical attention for the stressed that has been caused by members of your management team.