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Another hotel, the Fairfield Inn, sits less than a hundred yards to the south.Private homes and a business with a 500-gallon propane tank also adjoined the flaming structure.Instead, observation suggested they stopped at the base of an attic space that ran the entire length of the building.The fire reached the attic and was able to spread, traveling 500 feet "completely unimpeded," Cholach said.Any dog that is unleashed and on property open to the public or is on private property not owned or leased by the owner of the dog, unless permission for such presence has been obtained.

Rosewood Realty was converting the former hotel into a 135-bed assisted living facility, according to filings with the Henrietta Town Board. " data-previous_guid="8223008" data-next_guid="27436835" data-groups='[]' data-url-schema="https" data-page-string="Chapter 79: Dogs" data-long-page-string="Chapter 79: Dogs" data-chapter-string="Chapter 79: Dogs"The purpose of this article is to provide for the licensing and identification of dogs, the control and protection of the dog population and the protection of persons, property, domestic animals and deer from dog attack and damage.Upon validation by the Town Clerk, the application for a dog license shall become a license for the dog or dogs described therein.Dogs owned by minors shall be deemed to be in the custody and control of the minor's parents or other head of the household where the minor resides.

All dogs in the Town of Henrietta are hereby required to be restrained by a leash while off the owner's premises, whether such dogs are or are not tagged or licensed; provided, however, that dogs are permitted to be unleashed while off the owner's premises, when on the premises of another person with such other person's consent or when hunting in the company and under the control of a hunter or hunters.

Rosenman is co-owner of Rosewood of Rochester, according to public records.