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The big conclusion: even though millennials are more the most sexually tolerant generation, the number of people they have sex with does not match a free love mentality—at least in the most black-and-white view.However, it is by no means clear that millennials are more restrained in their sexual behavior.Take this quiz to find out if your boyfriend is really right for you.Your boyfriend will pee in the sink, drink whiskey and masturbate when you leave the apartment!The man i’m dating had a reputation for drugs and sex at his.Some sporting event while you read Cosmo, you’ll pretend your interested.

And yet, we’re the ones keeping our legs crossed—sort of.To dj ruckus in new york sparking rumours they’re datingafter the end.Cosmopolitan is the lifestylist for millions of fun fearless females who want to be the best they can in every area of their lives, with information on relationships.Bringing up guns can be awkward, but as with abortion and STIs, you should know where your partner stands.

That's why and Everytown are partnering for a campaign called Singled Out, to raise awareness among unmarried women of the risk for gun violence and the gaps in the law.

Ever since the pesky media got whiff of our supposed, rainbow parties non-Millennials have assumed Generation Y has been racking up sexual partners like new versions of i Phones. Millennials have access to a seemingly infinite array of dating apps, which, yes, can and do double as hook-up apps.

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