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Machi-bugyō (City Commissioners) were in charge of protecting the citizens and merchants of Edo, and Kanjō-bugyō (finance commissioners) were responsible for the financial matters of the Shogunate.The city was laid out as a castle town around Edo Castle.The area surrounding the castle known as Yamanote consisted largely of daimyō mansions, whose families lived in Edo as part of the sankin kōtai system; the daimyō made journeys in alternating years to Edo, and used the mansions for their entourages.Previously located within the city proper near Asakusa, the districts were rebuilt in this more-remote location after the Great Fire of Meireki in 1657.

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Beyond this were the districts of the eta or outcasts, who performed "unclean" work and were separated from the main parts of the city.