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The Leamington incident has given rise to some intense theological debates but one needs to focus, instead, on the political context of these events to comprehend their dynamics.Resurgent Sikh fundamentalist forces in the UK In the past decade, but particularly since the 2012 I Pledge Orange campaign for a stay of execution of Balwant Singh Rajoana (one of four Sikh fundamentalist activists responsible for the suicide bomb that in 1995 killed the Chief Minister of Punjab and 17 other people) there has been an exponential rise in the numbers and confidence of Sikh fundamentalist forces in the UK.Along with the Babbar Khalsa International, they were implicated in the 1985 bombing of the Air India flight 182 from London to Montreal which killed 329 people and also the attempted bombing of the Air India flight 301.But key members of the ISYF founded the Sikh Federation UK.Herpreet Kaur Grewal noted that the focus is always on Sikh girls marrying out while there is relative silence and inaction on caste discrimination and female foeticide.Throughout the 1980s and the 1990s, the prohibition on mixed relationships manifested itself in regular reprisals between Sikh and Muslim gangs for targeting ‘their’ women. Why has a rule invented in the 1930s gained renewed significance in the last few years?One need look no further than the youtube videos of Basics of Sikhi to see him opposing interfaith relationships.

A desire to control Sikh women’s relationship choices is a key focal point for their mobilisation.

Two organisations behind the annual June 1984 commemoration events – Dal Khalsa and Sikh Federation UK – are the main Sikh fundamentalist organisations in England.

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    The International Sikh Youth Federation ISYF, proscribed in India under the Prevention of Terrorism Act POTA on March 22, 2002, was founded in the United Kingdom UK in 1984 after. The ISYF's links with Pan-Islamist terrorist groups, and more prominently with the Lashkar-e-Toiba LeT, date back to the mid-1990s.…
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    It appears as though deception is utilized by Sikh youth regardless of gender, though this would be a subject open to more exploration. A significant source of contention amongst Sikh males and females is the issue of dating. Netting 2006 states that “date, don't tell” is a common mantra amongst Indo-Canadian and Sikh.…
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    April 3 to May 12, 2018. Neighbourhoods of Castleridge, Whitehorn, Saddleridge, Taradale, Martindale and Coral Springs. https// is an annual campaign held by the Sikh community to raise food and funds for the Calgary Food Bank. Watch for Food.…
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    We are delighted to announce that the Sikh Helpline founder, Giani Sukha Singh, has won The Charity Sikh Awards 2014 for all the work he has done since its inception 20 over years ago. In those years, he has helped young and old alike with various problems and has also uplifted the youth through annual Gurmat camps.…