Trend micro stuck updating

You can proceed with the installation after restarting your computer.We recommend that you bookmark this page before proceeding because you will be asked to restart your computer during the procedure.Hello Christophe, and thank you for your suggestion. Aside from doing the steps that Christophe has suggested.Please try to find the name "TMAS" on the Registry editor and on the C: drive or any other drives that you have. Trend Micro Home Users Community Like the other user, I didn't have that registry key. Searching for 'TMAS' in the registry provided zero results. Anyway, bpb118, you might want to try the solutions provided by our community members.To turn off Download over metered connection settings, follow the steps below: Your computer may be infected by viruses that block your connection to the server.

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You may refer to this link for ways on how to contact our support. Trend Micro Home Users Community Hi schmitrw, Thank you for confirming that the upgrade of the operating system has now succeeded. C:), especially if you reserve dedicated drives for application use or have re-purposed a drive for storage.

If you have an unlimited Internet connection, we recommend that you turn this feature off.