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Each cognitive function has its own two-letter code as follows: Extroverted i Ntuition (Ne)Introverted i Ntuition (Ni)Extroverted Sensing (Se)Introverted Sensing (Si)Introverted Feeling (Fi)Extroverted Feeling (Fe)Extroverted Thinking (Te)Introverted Thinking (Ti)Here is a rough description of each cognitive function: Extroverted i Ntuition (Ne) - this type of i Ntuition focuses on new possibilities for changing external reality, seeking out new ventures, projects or enterprises Introverted i Ntuition (Ni) - this type of i Ntuition focuses on new possibilities for changing the individual's inner understanding of the external situation, seeking out new angles or ways of seeing life but finding it hard to express itself especially when emanating from the unconscious Extroverted Sensing (Se) - this type of sensing focuses on the objective qualities of how things are experienced and suppresses their subjective impressions.It experiences things in a straightforward, realistic, uninterpreted and down-to-earth way, resulting in the concrete enjoyment of the physical world Introverted Sensing (Si) - this type of sensing focuses on subjective impressions suggested by how things are physically experienced and ignores their objective qualities.Compared to thinkers, feelers tend to be more emotional and will not always critically consider whether an opposing way of seeing things might be true.As a result of their feeling approach, they could be more agreeable and care more about the feelings of others or they could be more self-absorbed and concerned more with their own feelings and sense of "emotional certainty" over the needs and valid opinions of others...4.HOW THE 4 PREFERENCES ARE USED IN MYERS-BRIGGS It's important to state that every human being will exhibit ALL of the above processing traits, focusing on BOTH the Inner and External world at different times, perceiving through both Sensing and i Ntuition, being capable of both Thinking and Feeling as well as Judging and Perceiving on different occasions.However, the leaning towards one or another processing trait within each pair is developmentally significant.An introvert's dominant function will always be used in their inner world, which is their primary area of focus.

Compared to feelers, thinkers will sometimes lack emotional intelligence such as the understanding of important social signals about thoughts and needs which are often communicated through feelings.THE 4 PREFERENCES According to Myers-Briggs, we are all shaped by four important preferences when it comes to how to process our experiences. Sensing-i Ntuiting this is about HOW WE TEND TO PERCEIVE THINGS, either by SENSING what there is OR by INTUITING possibilities that may exist beyond appearances, beneath the surface or between the lines.Sensors tend to be down-to-earth and more interested in what they can experience directly whereas i Ntuitives are more interested in interpretations and hunches about reality including those which emanate from the symbolic, linguistic and unconscious realm.Judging-Perceiving this is about WHETHER WE ARE MORE LIKELY TO DRAW ORGANISING CONCLUSIONS ABOUT EXPERIENCES OR REMAIN CURIOUS, SPONTANEOUS AND OPEN-MINDED while continuing to perceive.

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