Updating identity column

When you first create a temporary table, its table metadata is stored in the data dictionary, but no space is allocated for table data.Space is allocated for the table segment at the time of the first DML operation on the table.Oracle Database uses a compression algorithm appropriate for the level you specify.In general, the higher the level, the greater the compression ratio.It controls how table data in the IM column store is distributed across Oracle RAC instances.You can specify the following options: clause is applicable only if you are using Oracle Real Application Clusters (Oracle RAC) on an engineered system.

If a query is compiled in an edition that is in the usable range of editions for the virtual column, then the optimizer will consider using the index to evaluate the query.Hybrid Columnar Compression can result in higher compression ratios, at a greater CPU cost.Therefore, this form of compression is recommended for data that is not frequently updated. These privileges must be granted explicitly and not acquired through a role.

Additionally, if the table owner intends to grant access to the table to other users, then the owner must have been granted the .

With Hybrid Columnar Compression, data can be compressed during bulk load operations.

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    I have a table filled with data and one of the columns - TrackingNumber - is an integer value. I have gotten a request to change it to auto-increment and.…