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An interesting image, dating from about 1949, of the unloading of esparto grass at Corporation Quay - esparto grass destined for the Hendon and Ford papermills. A fine image ex 'Sunderland Tugs and Shipbuilding in pictures' on Facebook, here. Armstrong’s Hotel is on the left and on the right with its magnificent tower and Grecian temple front is St. The tower was taken down in 1957-58 to make way for St.Andrew’s House, a multi-storey office building, but the church itself remained in use until 1974.It served as the Glasgow base of the D’Oyly Carte Opera but when Howard & Wyndham’s lease ran out in 1913, the Central Halls Company who owned the property ran the theatre as the Lyric Picture Palace.

It attracted some big name performers and particularly in the years after the Second World War when American stars including Bob Hope, Frank Sinatra, Judy Garland, Dorothy Lamour, Jack Benny and Danny Kaye played to packed houses.I do however have, to start things off, an image of Steam Tug 'Biddick', at Sunderland on May 31, 1966. Sauchiehall Street is a name unique to Glasgow and yet known well beyond the city limits.It’s a long street by Glasgow standards and was renowned for its department stores, hotels, cinemas, restaurants and tearooms as well as art galleries and a range of smaller businesses.

Much of the street is situated on a hillside that was probably once moorland, parts of which may have been wooded and others later cultivated.

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