Vietnam customs courting dating

Therefore, couples in Vietnam have been expected to have a platonic love before they officially get married.Most Vietnamese parents prevent their children from having a boyfriend or girlfriend when they are in their late teens because they want their children to concentrate on their study."Before, the boy would whistle outside the girl's house and she would come and play a leaf to show she was interested," she said, describing traditional Hmong courtship rituals. "There are still true Hmong love markets -- but I'm not telling you when and where," he said.But even at the original love market in Sapa, amidst the throngs of camera-touting Vietnamese and foreign tourists, some young locals still come looking for a relationship.I have friends who have been dating for years but as they are not ready for a family so no marriage. If they are ready for a family they seem to be willing to move quickly into marriage. Country people don't seem worry about this they get married young and live with their parents.