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But as I met people at the school, a sophomore named Jessica really caught my attention and we became friends.We ran in the same circles and we ended up joining the same church, so we saw each other a lot.Though if I did, the fact that my wife has never seen an episode of “Martin” would be in the con category.But honestly, I didn’t agonize over it or seek counsel about whether it was OK.I was convinced that she was the woman for me to marry, even though she wasn’t black.Some would never consider marrying someone who wasn’t the same ethnicity as them, so let me tell you why I did.Don’t get me wrong, I thought she was beautiful from the first time I met her. My main preference was that my wife be godly, and Jessica was. I know some people who overlook a potential godly spouse because they don’t fit some random preference.

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His passion for Jesus and this generation comes through loud and clear on every page.The decision to marry someone from a different ethnic background wasn’t a tough one for me.I never sat down and wrote out a pros and cons list.However, Black men are twice as likely to marry outside their race than Black women, and there is a unique, community issue of some Black men explicitly not wanting to date Black women at all, which isn’t as common in other races.