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Lucy’s Home for Girls Raised by Wolves.” (Her second set of short stories, “Vampires in the Lemon Grove: And Other Stories,” came out in January.) She expanded the story for the novel. is the Bigtree family’s alligator-wrestling theme park, built on an island in the Everglades.After Ava’s mother’s dies, her father leaves, her sister – armed with a copy of “The Spiritist’s Telegraph” – claims to be in love with a ghost, and her brother leaves the island to work in a mainland theme park called the World of Darkness. Writing in her 20s, Russell said, her perspective was just close enough and just far enough from her own south Florida childhood to remember it well: The “beautiful, frightening ease,” when you’re a kid, of walking with one foot in the realm of the fairy tales and the other in adult reality.

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In some ways, Ava's world view reminded me a bit of Scout in "To Kill A Mockingbird." The strength of Ava is what will keep the reader invested. Eccentricity for the sake of eccentricity is the death knell of any entertainment, so I was appreciative that Russell was able to balance her outrageous tale with identifiable humanism.As a younger writer, she said, she wrote about adolescents almost exclusively, terrified to take on adult characters.One main character in her second novel, in progress, is a teenage girl, the rest of the cast is mostly adults. Russell moved in May to Portland to live with her boyfriend, a book editor. It was a soft landing after the wild ride that followed the publication of “Swamplandia!And she was remembering the way children construct some version of reality out of available inputs.