Xquery no updating expression allowed

This section describes the Mark Logic Server options you can declare in the XQuery prolog, and includes the following prolog options: and determine at compile time whether to run as an update statement (in readers/writers mode) or whether to run at a timestamp.

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You can also create XML nodes by using computed constructors.A library module contains a module declaration followed by a prolog. The following is the basic syntax of a library module: The following is a very simple XQuery library module The XQuery prolog contains any module imports, namespace declarations, function definitions, and variable definitions for a module.You can have a prolog in either a main module or a library module.Therefore, to ensure you are importing the correct schema, you should use the location for the schema import, too.

For details on the rules for resolving the locations, see Importing XQuery Modules, XSLT Stylesheets, and Resolving Paths in the XQuery provides vendor-specific options that are declared in the prolog.

The prolog is optional, as you can write an XQuery program with no prolog.